Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye and Thank You

I thought long and hard about whether to write any last thoughts here or to leave it as it was, BUT I have a feeling others will make things up or read more into our closure than there actually is......

My reasons for closing the newspaper are simple - Real Life is more important!
Yes there are others who would willingly take over and, in fact, Bixyl has done an amazing job over the last few months BUT sl-newspaper was one mans' dream and one I was happy to be a part of and with his departure and our real lives taking over then its time for SLN to close down.

Over the last 4 years we have had the honour of working with some amazing people and seen so many changes in SL my wish is that people do not give up on the good that can be achieved within these virtual worlds (just look at RFL and all the good it does).

One thing I would hope for the future of SL is that the Lindens go back and realise what they are destroying with their policies. The sheer creativity, communication and international impact somewhere like Secondlife can be is being eaten away by the Lindens stupidly ignoring the content creators with their ill thought out policies which help no-one except their own pockets. 

I would personally like to thank certain people who have helped and supported us
through everything, people like Bixyl, Gemma and Shellie who have continued to work hard for SLN even without guidance, and the many reporters who have written for us in the past plus the many sponsors over the years.

Skybeam and its amazing community has been a home away from home and one place I can always visit and feel welcome.

Nevar and Ame the best friends a person could hope for.

10 Goosson of M&M is another I shall keep in touch with and hope all the best for her future with M&M sculpts and her new home.

To be honest there are just too many to name and those friends I have not named will know I will forever hold you in my heart.

Breezes and Glitter my SL family, I will always be there for you and I am so glad I brought you to SL and a new way of finding your dreams.

One man, James T Juno, brought SL-Newspaper to life and made it one of the widest known and read newspapers in virtual worlds but more than that he made dreams come true, mine in particular, and would like the thank him for that.

"Don't cry because you are leaving, smile because you were there."

Dana Vanmoer

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