Thursday, November 9, 2006

Party Tonight At the Lava Pit


Tonight at the Pit !
Be There and dress sexy :)

And a big wonderfull thanx to Vince, Allasandra and Soulie for the pictures !

Love ya all

New in the Pit


In the Lava Pit they just installed a new couch. A real Lapdance Couch with some interesting options. A must for everyone who likes to enjoy a boiling sensation. Big thanx to Rya for the picture.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Deni in the "Caligula"

Just went back to thank Deni for her pictures in a previous post. Heard they were going to do an opening
act on thursday ! It will be an upcomming event in this newspaper. Read all about it in a few days ! 

Back at the Lava Pit (Kiva Island)

After my visit to Amsterdam I went back to the Lava Pit. There I met Rya. Such a sweet girl. Couldn't help myselves staring at her all the time. She gave me such a great show ! If you ever visit the Lava Pit, make sure you look for this beauty.

She went all the way, but it cost me my last $$$. But it was sure worth it !

Damn she was pretty !

Amsterdam Part 2


Met this nice lady who gave me a free show. You should check it out in Amsterdam. She is cute !

Thanx to KT Syakumi - Hope seeing you again soon.

James T Juno 

Going to Amsterdam


Went to Amsterdam today. Got me-selves a nice pink 4x4.

Was fun driving around there. The Jeep is cool too. If you want a pink Jeep too, just let me know. Find me and I'll give you one for free.

Visit "Caligula"


On my first search to find interesting places and people I found this nice girl in the "Caligula"
She allowed me to take pictures. The place is still under construction but it looks awesome already ! Calabria (68,184,26)

We will be visiting this place in the next few weeks telling you how it progresses.