Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TRP360 Up and Away at Sialimonus


It is always wonderful to go exploring and find a new astonishing site I have never seen before. I arrived at the entrance of an ethereal Stonehenge. The view is of an airy gossamer Stonehenge with the universe circling. “Turn around “ I was instructed and touch everything. So I did.

Off I went into space with my first tap, following a meteor ‘s trail around and around. I found a lineup of the planets, and sat on a few that again sent me off into space in various dances and poses. It is great fun to walk - run in space Asteroids bumbled through the air, barely missing the site.

Back on the ground, I spied a teleport to the “Fun House." Hah! I cannot tell you much about that journey, not wanting to spoil the experience, but get ready for an escapade that will take you through mazes that really amaze!!! Make sure you have time to enjoy, or you will need to revisit this experience again and again , trying to solve the way through. Look for a happy face to guide you. You will smile back.

Back at the entrance you will find a teleport that will bring you to other magical sites. Enter and enjoy!!


Gemma Cleanslate

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