Sunday, April 18, 2010



Biosphere is a whimsical and environmentally beautiful spot to visit. The small area is a treat for the senses-- tall green grass, a bright blue pond, and the pleasant sounds of singing birds.

When you arrive, you will find yourself on an island. Before you cross the swinging bridge, be sure to look for the turtle swimming in the pond. Across the bridge is Mocha, a shop filled with country inspired clothes, accessories, and furniture. Watch out for the animals as you approach! The whimsical Gmoks will talk, or at least grunt, if you touch them. A pair of llamas, which are rare in SL, graze contentedly nearby.

But the real treats are inside Mocha. On the first floor are sweaters, shoes, and lots of quaint clothes. One unusual feature is the demo mode that lets you see exactly how the shoes will look and fit before you buy. No more wasted Lindens buying the wrong shade or the wrong heel height!

I also liked Mochás rings, which sell for only $10L. There are 3 designs in 16 different patterns available. The fun part is that the ring you get will be a surprise–they are given out randomly. You may not get your favorite the first time, but at this low price you can afford to try again.

On the second floor there are country style textures, carpeting, wallpaper, and tile for sale. It even looked like the farm house could be purchased. The back room has a small selection of country furniture, too.

If you have additional time, there are two smaller outbuildings next to Mocha. One of them sells butterfly tattoos. Enjoy Spring and wear it, too!

Grey Lupindo


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