Friday, May 30, 2008

Heaven's Sky Garden Village

All cottages have been placed with care and attention, none are within the 20 meter chatting distance to ensure privacy and all cottages have been picked based on their look and design ensuring beautiful homes for every renter. Prices vary on the size of the houses and prims allowed. After all it is *your* home and should look and feel warm and relaxing. The Village consists of various different styles of cottages and for one lucky person a gorgeous treehouse with its own pool.

 There is also different social areas, the main one being the waterfall area for residents to enjoy.

No premium account is needed for here as We pay LL ourselves and you pay us ensuring everyone in second life gets a home (providing you can afford it of course)

To rent here, check the sign in front of each cottage, the fantasy picture with the house number. This is the rental box too. If it is available, it will say so above it and if it is already been rented the tenant's name will be shown instead. Simply pay the sign to begin your rental and IM either Fortunas Sands, AngelKitten Dreamscape or Schism Kappler to be added to the Heaven's Sky group. Without this any objects you place will return you need your group tag on for things to place down properly and also to set your home position here. Rent can be paid from either one week up to a month.

We are a community  for all whether you be furry, human  or whatever , this place is friendly and open to all, no harassment to anyone because of beliefs/looks will be tolerated in any way.

Heavens Sky, Devoted, (131, 247, 21)

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