Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reader Responses

Being SL Newspaper's "Fox reporter" has been interesting. Among the perks are the responses to my articles and cartoons. Usually the responses have been simple complements. But sometimes they've been a little more detailed.

In my screenshots, for cartoons but also for articles, for most the response has been a hundred percent positive. There was one misunderstanding though. I took a shot that included an object she made with a picture of her. Well, she saw it when we talked about the paper, and seemed to say she was upset before leaving. Thinking I offended her, I later apologized to her, and she explained there were no hard feelings. In the end, we became better friends.

Only once I ever did got a real complaint. I was with Sean Voss' tour group when it went to "Hilarious 2008," part of the Caricavatars sim, owned by Christopher Hugo, a French political satirist. A friend of mine in the tour group brought up an article by a Second Life tabloid that criticized Hugo, and Hugo promptly kicked him out. I did later make an attempt to talk to Hugo, but from what I had seen, and read in the article in question, doubted I would get a response, and as I mentioned before, he just responded to me in Chinese characters. 

So I went ahead and wrote the story. I thought that would be more or less the end, but it wasn't. A few days later, I found the following as a comment under the article when I was about to send the link to a friend:

Christophe Hugo said...

    As a result of your b**chy blog entry, Sean Voss and the entire Virtual Travel Hub group in Second Life have now been banned from Caricavatars.

    They will probably send you a Thank-you postcard for the lost business... Keep up the good work - and the slandering blog entries coming, while you are busy doing that, at least you don't do anything more dangerous or stupid.

    Peace on Earth,


I was tempted to respond to him "I love you too," but decided the smarter thing was to say nothing. One of my friends later came to my defense with a comment of her own after his, " ... why someone would take such offense is beyond me." I later mentioned the comment to Sean Voss, and he just chuckled a little.

Well, what can I say? I call 'em like I see 'em.

Then there was the article I did on the Valentines Day in SL that couple friends of mine, Zeny and Tim, had. I thought it would make a cute story, something to give people hope, and after mentioning it to them, I went ahead and wrote it. And my friends were thrilled to see it up. Other friends also thought the story was cute. But once again, I was taken by surprise. Someone told me there were a few comments, and taking a look, apparently my comment about still being single got some attention, "maybe we should start a campaign? 'find Bixyl a love.' "

Whoah! O.O

I could say a lot of things, but perhaps I should simply say I'm quite flattered.

Bixyl Shuftan

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